What You Should Expect From Courses At Real Estate School For Success?

Every real estate agent is expected to know the laws and regulations pertaining totheir industry. These are people who buyers/sellers trust and provide their confidential information to with high expectations of striking good deals. However, not every agent out there is certified or has a license.A real estate license not only reflects an agent’s credibility, genuineness and trustworthiness, but also enhances their integrity in the industry.

At South Carolina Real Estate School for Success, we aim to provide students and aspiring real estate agents with courses so that they can acquire a real estate license in South Carolina. Besides educating them, we polish our students and enlighten them with the vast experience, skills and knowledge obtained by our instructors who have worked in almost every kind of real estate business in South Carolina from commercial to residential and property management.

Under the guiding light of our experienced instructors, you will be better able to prepare for what is expected from a South Carolina Real Estate Agent, Property manager and other fields that you find desirable.

Under an informative yet entertaining environment, you will be able to benefit from various online courses at the South Carolina Real Estate School for Success; some of the crucial ones are stated below:

Real Estate License

To give your career the most appropriate kick start, you must enroll yourself into our real estate license course. Make sure that you meet the following criteria in order to become obtain this course and license:

  • You must be 18 years of age or more,
  • Have a high school diploma or GED,

Our license course covers 60 hours which is also called the First Year Sales, offered on weekend, weekdays and weeknights. Upon completion of this course, you will submit your application and certificate to South Carolina Real Estate Commission. Once approved, you will be required to schedule a real estate license exam test with PSI testing center.

Home Inspection License

In order to enroll into South Carolina’s home inspection license, you will have to submit an application to the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. The National Home Inspector Examination comprises of 200 multiple choice questions to be completed in 4 hours. Once you clear the exam successfully, the commission will issue you a license making you eligible to conduct a home inspection business across South Carolina.

At South Carolina Real Estate School for Success, we offer a host of other courses such as Final Sales course, Property management course, Real Estate Appraisal course and more.

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