What Does The Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course Consist Of?

The path to becoming a real estate agent can be quite confusing for most people. Where do you start? What courses do you need to sign up for? What are some of the content that you’ll be covering? All these factors depend on the state that you are acquiring your license from. To help you get a better grip on how to get you started, take a look at this guide. Let’s begin by taking a look at what a Pre-licensing course really is:

Getting Started : The Pre-Licensing Course

In order to be eligible for a career in real estate, the SC Real Estate Commission has outlined some specifications. To summarize it, it states the following:

  • The individual must be of 18 years;
  • With a minimum high school diploma or a GED;
  • And must enroll for a Pre-licensing course

What Is the Pre-licensing Course?

The Pre-licensing course, also referred to as the First Year Sales, is a series of classes or online education that you will have to accomplish in order to obtain your provisional South Carolina real estate license. It is important to note that this provisional license is not permanent, and you will have to take a Post-licensing course, and the PSI examination to gain your permanent license.

Both the provisional and permanent license will allow you to conduct real estate transactions, such as selling property in South Carolina; however, the provisional license is temporary, and will only last 12 months.

What Should You Expect From Your Pre-Licensing Course?

The Pre-licensing course is a 60-hour course, offered on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends, to cater to the busy schedules of individuals. Each of the courses is college level that is simplified for better understanding. It consists of reading assignments, workbooks, quizzes and free real estate exam prep online.

The real estate licensing curriculum is designed in a way to cover all essential aspects, topics, concepts and subjects to qualify you for the next phase, which is the Final Sales course. The final PSI examination will consist of a nation and state portion, both of which need to be addressed during the course.

From live classrooms to online options, there a variety of ways that one can gain information and value. To facilitate this education, students are provided with real estate study guides, material, study groups and exam practice questions.

Ready to get started on our Pre-licensing course? Explore our website and find the right schedule that works for you!

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