Top 5 Tips for Passing the PSI Examination

To begin your real estate career, you are required to complete the First Year Sales course.  Upon completion of this, you are to submit your Application and certificate to the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. Once the Commission approves your application, you must schedule your South Carolina real estate license exam with the PSI testing center.

Are you prepared for D-day? Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you ace it!

1.      Understand the Bigger Concepts

The test will consist of a state and national portion. The national portion will test you on the major concepts of agency relationships, contracts, finance, marketing regulations, property management, real estate property, and various calculations. You might find it challenging to cram so much of information in a short duration, but try to focus on the bigger, more challenging concepts here. And that’s where the real estate exam study guides come in!

2.      Invest In A Preparation Course

If you intend on doing it on your own, you sure have a chance to pass the examination; however, having signed up for a study guide will help you tremendously, offering you a way to test your knowledge and challenge you. The good thing is that you may have access to free real estate exam prep guides. In addition to that, take a mock examination. This is a sample test that is a lot like the PSI exam. It will provide you with an accurate view of where you stand in terms of preparation, highlighting your weaker points so that you have time to work on them.

3.      Take Your Time In the Exam – Utilize the Time

You may have some friends who have never ceased bragging about how they’ve managed to complete the examination within an hour or two. Sounds impressive, huh? This might work for them; and you might even break their record, leaving earlier. But in haste, you’re jeopardizing your chances at giving your best shot at the exam. Take your time. Double check your concepts, calculations, answers.

4.      Beware of the “Negatives”

You know those tricky questions that sneak up on you? That’s what we’re talking about. Several questions in the examination may contain phrases like “everything except, or “all but”. When you’re anxious, you tend to overlook these sentences, even though you may know the right answers. So, make sure to read the questions thoroughly.

5.      Schedule The Exam When You End the Course

It’s best to take the examination when it’s all fresh in your mind. Apply as soon as you can, and as you receive eligibility for a test, sign up! If you’ve taken the courses, and intend to sit for the examination months later, chances are your memory will fail you in some cases. Waste no time!

You’ve got all these abovementioned tips down to ace the examinations? Make sure you study using the best guides and instructions from the right source. Explore our website, and feel free to take our free examination and paid study guides. We help individuals in their endeavors to make it big in real estate.

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