Tips for Real Estate Agents to Win Clients

In legal terms, a ‘real estate agent’ is a stringently defined term to explain the relationship between a real estate salesperson and his/her client (buyer or seller). Representing the interests of his clients, real estate agents assist them throughout the process of buying, selling and renting homes and commercial properties.

In order to win over clients and to expand their influence in the market, real estate agents need to meet the givencriterion:

Sphere of Influence (SOI)

The SOI business model is one of the best and tested ways of building contacts and generating leads. This is a networking strategy which allows a real estate agent to generate clients through people they already know such as family, friends, colleagues, classmates, business associates and vendors. Keep track of all these people by accumulating all the names and contact information in your mobile phone, MicrosoftOutlook, Gmail, or other email software.

As you meet clients, add their information in this database so that contacting and meeting them in future becomes easy – at community events, through mutual acquaintances etc. The bigger your SOI Database the better your chances of getting a referral.

Establishing a Professional Image

Creating and managing a professional outlook is crucial to attract and retain real estate clientele. There are various ways of keeping a polished and appealing image:

  • Dress neatly and wear minimal accessories at work. Your dress should be business casual while conducting business so that you maintain a professional image.
  • When meeting a client in person, maintain good eye contact, practice persuasive body language and encourage an engaging and polite conversation.
  • Quality business cards with a professional photo are key to maintaining a professional image.  These are also your cheapest forms of marketing.
  • When conversing over the telephone, talk clearly while maintaining a courteous tone.
  • Make sure all the emails, letters and texts are written formally without any grammatical errors.

Be very careful about your online presence, if there is any, because it is one of the most important mediums your clients can contact you through. Make sure you have a professional website that has authentic content, correct information and is user-friendly.

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