Timeless Skills That Will Make You Win In the Real Estate Business

Real estate is one of those industries that constantly changes and is vulnerable to economic ‘jolts’such aschange in mortgage rates, consumer speculations and other uncontrollable reasons.

As a multifaceted business the real estate industry is rife with challenges. However, to counteract these challenges, few crucial yet timeless skills that can keep real estate agents in the game despite economic adversities are stated below for your consideration

1.     Develop Personal Connections

A real estate agent needs to be competent and likeable in order to survive in this competitive industry. Clients are likely to return to agents that are courteous, helpful and supportive. Real estate agents must develop the skill to instantly connect with the client and garner their trust so that a one-time client turns into a repeat client. One way of developing that link with the client is by being honest.  If you are focused on what is best for your client they will pick up on that.  Trust is earned!


2.     Follow-Up!

There couldn’t be a better way of losing clients than this one. In order to be a top performer and keep your clients happy, take every client seriously and follow up!Working hard on every client is one solid pipeline that will keep your business prosper. Make sure that you have a database comprising:

  • Name,
  • Contact information,
  • The property they contacted you for,
  • Timeframe for buying, selling or both,
  • Their required features and locality,
  • Their emotional hot-buttons (what excites or infuriates them).

3.     Care for Details

A business must be treated like a business. This includes having an organized system in place that ensures all the deadlines are met, appraisals are conducted, home inspections are responded, appointments are not forgotten and problems are resolved. More importantly, real estate agents must keep a check on whether clients are handling the details in a proper manner and are attending to it. The best real estate agents don’t let things go until deals reach their final stage of completion. This way, top performers can increase their closing ratios and per-hour earnings.

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