Thinking Part-time Real Estate? Consider This!

Many real estate professionals start their career as a part time agent. This type of arrangement can be workable for single parents, those looking for a flexible job, or people who want to earn some additional income. However, if you are thinking of making big money out of it, you need to reconsider your part time working decision.

Building a career in real estate is a challenging job. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of working as a part time real estate agent and why you should avoid it.

You May Have a Hard Time Getting a Broker

Your efforts are directly related to the income and success of the broker. If you are juggling between the jobs, you may not devote enough time to your real estate work, and thus may not produce effective results. Keeping this in view, brokers prefer agents who are more serious and are willing to spend more time in creating business. This doesn’t mean that brokers do not hire part time agents. However, they may prefer allocating their resources to those generating more business than a part time agent.

Scheduling May Be Difficult

One of the top challenges for part time real estate agents is scheduling. When working limited hours, you may not always be available for your clients at a time that suits them. Scheduling for property visits, dealing with legal matters, and managing other necessary real estate matters may all become a challenge if you are working somewhere else during normal business hours.

You May Have to Rely On Others to Get Your Tasks Done

If you are unable to attend to your clients all the time, you may need someone else’s help to accommodate the timing requests. Asking other agents to accommodate clients’ timing requests when you are unable to manage is a common practice even among full time agents. However, it requires you to compensate the other agent for their assistance. This means, if you ask other agent to attend to your client, you may have to share your income with them for their services. Sharing income may considerably affect your sum of the part-time earning.

Building a Successful Career May Take Years

If you are planning to build a career in real estate industry, be prepared for a prolonged journey. It may take hundreds of hours of work to establish yourself as a successful real estate agent. As weekends are prime time for real estate agents, you may hardly get a day-off or vacation if you want to succeed.

Whether you work as a part time agent or a full time professional, be sure you have a real estate license to work in South Carolina. By completing the licensure requirements, you may not just land the right job, but also build your career successfully. Find out more about the license exam through our study guide. You can also call us at 803.807.9152 for more information.

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