Things to Look For When Inspecting a Home

Home inspection is pivotal to the home buying process. Whether you are an individual looking to buy a new house, a realtor sizing the property for investment, or a professional home inspector hired by someone to inspect a prospective buy for them, there are certain things that you CAN’T afford to miss when inspecting a house.  


Clogged drains, sloppy installations, deteriorated drainage pipes and lines, if not noted during the inspection, can result in pricey installations and fittings once you have purchased the house. It is important to get a sound inspection of the plumbing system done so you can leverage it to bargain a better price for the house.


With DIY electrical work on the rise, amateur wiring jobs are a common spectacle behind the walls. These inexpert wirings can pose greater risks of fire and electrocution. You do not want to buy or invest in a property that is nothing but a constant risk to the people living in it. Do not compromise on electrical work that doesn’t meet standards!


Manufacturing defects, deterioration, missing shingles and a bunch of other defects can cause leaks in the roof. Once there is a leak, the damage only tends to rise. If an inspector misses out a leak in the roof, you will be paying hefty repairs out of your pocket sooner or later. Areas most susceptible to leaks are attic insulations and ceilings.


There are different levels of severity in foundation cracks. These cracks compromise the structure and value of the house. It could be in the form of framing that hangs loose, doors that don’t close or cracks in the walls. Major flaws in foundation may require you to hire a structural engineer to get a professional opinion.

Crawl Space

For the crawl space, it is suggested that the inspector goes in physically to check for rots, molds or structural faults that might be lurking in it. It is one of the places, which if ignored can prove to be home to the priciest problems that can occur.

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