The Top 10 Traits of a Highly Effective Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry consists of many players who work as an orchestra, each unit playing a part that contributes to the overall dynamics and performance. One such role is that of a real estate agent – they are analysts, businesspersons, negotiators, salesperson and entrepreneurs.

We put together some of the traits of the most successful real estate agents. Do you make the cut? Find out:

Trait # 1: Enthusiasm for Architecture

When you’re passionate or interest in something, it shows! And your clients will notice it too. How can you expect to sell a property if you can’t truly appreciate the major and minor aspects of the house? If you make your interest apparent during a transaction, you may impress your clients.

Trait # 2: A People’s Person

There existed no real estate agent who did not engage and connect with his or her clients. One of the aspects that makes real estate such an attractive career opportunity is because it requires a lot of human interaction. You’re not just selling a property, you’re selling people their dream house, and that takes a deeper understanding of their psyche. Being a people’s person goes a long way in this career.

Trait # 3: A Creative Thinker

Gone are the days where problem solving required simply an “analytical mindset”. To gain that competitive edge, you need out of the box thinking and creative strategies. The term creativity is used to devise a unique strategy in order to resolve a problem. And a real estate agent knows just that.

Trait # 4: Inspiring Entrepreneurs

To be the master of one’s own destiny is a trait many real estate agents share. This ownership mentality is the driving force that helps them succeed in this competitive arena. Self-motivated, they pursue their career vigorously.

Trait # 5: Honesty & Integrity

Real estate is a service oriented role. This means much emphasis is placed on the authenticity and credibility of real estate agents. Understanding this significance, they ensure that they apply the best practices, and maintain an honest and transparent relationship with their clients, business associates and potential clientele. One way to establish this trust is by becoming a member of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Trait # 6:  Tenacity

This trait comes with the job. The aggressive and optimistic spirit is what stimulated an agent to pursue each and every lead, and manage clients’ requirements, whether it is buying or selling!

Trait # 7:  Engaging Personality

It simply cannot be emphasized enough: personality and personal interaction is everything in the real estate business. Clients refuse to work with agents who are difficult to approach and unappealing. Good real estate agents sell themselves first, before selling the property. They exude charm, confidence and friendliness.

Trait # 8:  A Strong Network

Successful agents develop their own personal list of current and potential buyers, sellers, brokers, and other real estate agents who can help grow their business.

Trait # 9:  Keen Understanding of the Market

Knowledge is undoubtedly power. For a real estate agent, it is a channel through which they gain insight into making better decisions. By understanding the latest happenings of the local housing market, they can devise buying and pricing strategies to earn higher commissions.

Trait # 10:  Attention to Detail

Pay close attention to the needs of your clients. The better you are at gauging their realized and unrealized needs, the sooner you can close a deal.

Think You Have What It Takes To Become a Real Estate Agent?

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