So, You’re a Real Estate Agent. What’s Next?

Finally received your real estate license in South Carolina and ready to hit the ground running? Embarking upon this new career can no doubt be exciting and adventurous, where you can enjoy the flexibility and stability of a great job. However, your success is determined on the actions and decisions you make going forward.

So, what’s the next step, after you’ve reached your first milestone? We’ve put together some tools and guides that will assist you to take your real estate career to the next level:

1.     Meet Your Colleagues – Learn to Ask the Right Questions

Your peers are pretty much a very valuable asset in your career. If managed appropriately, you could leverage off of their knowledge and experience in the field. Some of the information that you may need may not be easily acquired. That’s where this resource comes in. Speak with them, and ask them any questions you may have and more importantly, listen!

2.     Developing Your Prospect List

Just about every real estate agent in business will tell you that your most important asset is your list of potential contacts who you will want to get in touch with. This is kick-starting your business 101. Speak with the locals, and get to know who are the families who are looking to buy or sell, or if perhaps they know somebody who is.

3.     Nail Down Your Costs & Budgets

When you’re analyzing your costs, you start with all your expenses that you are currently occurring, or are expected to occur. This will give you the break even cost – the least revenue you should generate without going into a loss. Furthermore, this will provide you with an indication of the commission revenues you can charge for your services.

4.     Getting A Real Estate Final Sales License

Success in real estate means embracing continuous education. Some of the leading and most successful real estate agents today understood the power of training and gaining additional credentials. Within a year of receiving your South Carolina Real Estate License, you must complete a 30 hour South Carolina Post Licensing course, which is also referred to as South Carolina Final Sales License. This qualification will allow you to a permanent South Carolina Real Estate license, an upgrade your provisional South Carolina Real Estate license.

5.     South Carolina Real Estate Broker License

Even with its allure, the real estate industry is not without competition. What are you doing to stand out? A Real estate broker license will enable you to begin your own real estate business. In order to qualify for this, you must be a holder of the South Carolina Real Estate license for three consecutive years. Take a look at the course details here.

Take your career to the next level; let Real Estate School for Success guide you to achieve your goals. Browse through our website, and find out the schedules of the courses for the examination! We also provide free real estate practice exam!

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