Real Estate For Introverts: Networking Tips

Are you nervous at the thought of having to communicate with strangers at an event where you don’t really know anyone? Most introverts go through similar feelings. When it comes to real estate, your business strategy includes meeting new people, attending events, and striking deals. But how do you manage that if you’re generally a shy person? You follow these tips:

Know People Beforehand and Go Prepared

Reach out to the guests of the event beforehand if you can. Use social media to introduce yourself. Admit you’re new in the field; let them know you’re uncomfortable around crowds. You’d be pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who reach out to help you.

Always be prepared. If you’re bad with roads, have your route planned out properly in advance. Keep your business cards with you. Work out strategies to stay relaxed and not be frazzled. Always remember that you’re there to get as many contacts as you can; and stay focused on that.

Get Started Right Away

It is better to strike a conversation as soon as you get a chance. The longer you wait, the more chance there is that you would get comfortable with your wallflower-dom. Talk to someone while you’re waiting for a drink, or while you are in line. The whole point is, that if this is your first time you are looking for tips to get better, and if you’ve been there before you’re looking for new people because you have a clear idea of how intimidating it can be.

Find Another Shy Person

While we don’t recommend this to be a good networking practice, it is nevertheless a good way to warm up for what’s ahead. Finding a shy person like you instantly forms a comfort zone where you can initiate and carry out a small casual chat to gear up the confidence you need to talk to the other people at the event.

Speak Clearly

As nerves start kicking in, you tend to mumble, or talk too fast, or your voice is often inaudible. This makes you inarticulate, and makes people around you uncomfortable. Also, when you’re nervous your accent become more evident as you talk. If you’re from out of town, people around you may find your accent alien.

Don’t Over Think Afterwards

Analyzing things like “Did I bore them? He looked bored”, or “They seemed uninterested; where did I go wrong?” after the party is not going to help your confidence. As a rule, if you did not say anything deliberately offensive, you did just fine. Truth is, people get busy, or drunk, or sometimes distracted; at times they don’t even notice. This does not in any way imply that you did something wrong.

Who said real estate is not for introverts? With a little help, even the shyest people can make it big in the real estate industry. To carry on with the profession one needs the South Carolina real estate license and the real estate continuing education that helps them stay updated with the latest in the markets.

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