Real Estate 101: Dispelling Common Misconceptions Part-1

”Any invented idea, story, or concept” can be defined as a myth. Like all other fields, the world of real estate also has myths that are all too common however that doesn’t mean they are true. With only a proper explanation, most of the widely believed ones can be debunked. Following are some common myths that Real Estate School for Success has taken the liberty to debunk.

All Real Estate Agents Are the Same

This is one of the most popular myths as well as being the most common that all real estate agents are made of the same ilk. While not particularly damaging, this myth can lead buyers and sellers of real estate to make big mistakes when it comes to selecting a real estate agent to represent a sell or purchase. As every agent has different skill sets, experience levels and traits, believing in this myth can prove to be costly as then people won’t give It due thought when selecting an agent.

All Real Agents Make Boatloads of Money

People vying for a real estate license are often guilty of believing this myth and while successful real estate agents do make a nice enough income, the same cannot be said for all real estate agents. In order to reach that level, a lot of time, effort, and money (yes money) has to be put forth. So, it’s suggested that you think loud and clear why you wish to pursue a real estate broker license before applying for online classes at Real Estate School for Success.

Real Estate Agents Say and Do Anything to Make A Sale

This isn’t true at all as real estate agents have to follow an incredibly strict code of ethics as well as many rules and regulations detailing how the agent should and shouldn’t do the job. This much is true that real estate agents aren’t paid until a home closes, which is why this myth took root that the professionals will do and say anything to make a sale. The business of real estate agents relies solely on referrals, word of mouth and repeat client business which is why this tactic will stop the above mentioned businesses, leaving the agent high and not in a very good position.

These and more myths, which we will discuss in the second part of the blog are responsible for making this field one that isn’t an ideal one for people however, if you think about it being in the real estate business is one of the most lucrative career options ever.  For information on how you can get a South Carolina real estate broker license, get in touch with us.

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