Debunking Myths about Real Estate Home Inspections

A home inspection refers to a non-evasive means of inspecting the condition of a home. This procedure often takes place when owners are planning to sell one to a third party. These are conducted by trained and certified home inspectors or appraisers, who upon completion, hand over a report of their findings to the owner.

However, there are countless and baseless myths about real estate home inspections that must be cleared to provide a clear picture of this undertaking. Read below to debunk myths about real estate home inspections:

Myth#1 – The Purpose of a Home Inspection Is To ONLY Identify Problems to Re-Negotiate a Proposal

While home inspections can often help the buyer renegotiate their offer if substantial issues are found this is not always the case.A home inspector can also provide important information to the buyer so that he/she can clearly understand the true condition of the home to make an informed decision. The findings of the home inspector can potentially help to sway the buyer’s anxiety and misconceptions while providing some helpful home maintenance and repair suggestions. When areas of concern arise, the inspector must not interfere to provide the seller with solutions or recommendations.

Myth#2 – Home Inspection Can Only Be Conducted On Existing Homes

This is absolutely false. In fact, a home inspection can be conductedeven if the property is undergoing renovation or being built. Many real estate appraisers offer ‘phase inspections’, in which the property is checked during various phases until completion.

Myth#3 – Home Inspection Is a Service That Can Only Be Availed By Buyers

This statement is true to a certain extent because home inspectors usually act on behalf of their clients during the purchase process. However, prelisting inspection is one service that sellers can take advantage of. Prelisting inspection identifies important areas that must be addressed prior to a sale.

Myth#4 – Home Inspectors Are Too Nitpicky

The common belief that home inspectors are nitpicky and identify issues in a home that it might not have, is not true. Rather, home inspection is an objective examination of a home’s components that are visible and accessible.

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