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Thinking Part-time Real Estate? Consider This!

Many real estate professionals start their career as a part time agent. This type of arrangement can be workable for single parents, those looking for a flexible job, or people who want to earn some additional income. However, if you

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Real Estate: Reaching the Top –Part II

Running a successful real estate business is certainly a challenge. However, with a good combination of the right expertise, knowledge, and reputation, you can create your own success story. In continuation of the previous blog, we are presenting here some

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Real Estate: Reaching the Top – Part I

Real estate is a dynamic market. So, if you want to be successful, you need a lot more than just a real estate license to excel in South Carolina. The skills of knowing your clients, understanding the market, building relationships

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How New Real Estate Agents Can Use Facebook to Help Market Themselves

Realtors are certainly the best marketing professionals in real environment. They not just understand their clients well on a personal level, but also know how to connect with them to gain mutual benefits. Share this on:

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Property Management 101

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Real Estate For Introverts: Networking Tips

Are you nervous at the thought of having to communicate with strangers at an event where you don’t really know anyone? Most introverts go through similar feelings. When it comes to real estate, your business strategy includes meeting new people,

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Common Real Estate Mistakes You Should Avoid

If done right, real estate can prove to be a lucrative venture for most. Investing in the property business may just be safer than investing in any other sort of business. However, one bad call and you can end up

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How To Excel As A Property Manager

Property managers acts as liaisons between landlords and tenants. Their job description also consists of managing properties, and keeping check on the vacant ones on behalf of the owners. There are certain things that have been found common in the

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Bonus Tips To Make The Most Out Of A Real Estate Networking Event

As a real estate agent, your best chance at success is making sure you have a thriving network. The more people you know, the more opportunities you have of making connections, getting referrals, and climbing the success ladder swiftly. One

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Real Estate 101: Dispelling Common Misconceptions Part-2

As already discussed in the part one of the same blog, many people are plagued with misconceptions and myths regarding real estate which leads them to make stupid mistakes when it comes to buying or selling a real estate property.

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